• Cover:ELEKTRISK GØNNER – Money (KAL00010S)
  • Cover:CALLUM PITT – Rabbits (KAL00009S)
  • Cover:ORGANISED SCUM – Consultants of Swing (KAL00008S)
    “‘Consultants Of Swing’… is one of those tunes that embeds itself into your brain and refuses to leave. [It] grooves along with a radiant aura..; glazed with mild dusting of fuzz. A delectable slice of buoyant indie/alternative indebted to Blur, Simple Kid & XTC.” (Barry Gruff)
  • Cover:ORGANISED SCUM – Machine Gun the Breeze (KAL00007S)
    “When pop music becomes sophisticated, intricate, elegant and well executed, amazing things can happen… When you try to correlate intellect with pop music these days though, you’re out of luck. That’s where Organised Scum turn up… [‘Machine Gun The Breeze’] continues their high quality streak through smart songwriting and vivid delivery.” (Destroy//Exist)
  • Cover:CALLUM PITT – Least He’s Happy (KAL00006S)
    “Callum Pitt… harnesses the lilting nature of Americana, producing some intricate guitar licks and roll-off-the-tongue lyrics that converge into a swelling chorus that sweeps you off your feet.” (DIY)
  • Cover:SHIELDS – All I Know (Reissue) (KAL00005S)
    Reissue of All I Know (Single). Original release date: 2nd March 2012
  • Cover:CALLUM PITT – You’d Better Sell It While You Can (KAL00004S)
    “[A] catchy, floaty, dreamy number, with some easy-going laid back strings and… falsetto vocal that would put Kate Bush to shame. A blend of harmonies adds warmth, dimension and colour [and] halfway through, the chorus pops up in all [its] melodious glory.” (Fresh On The Net)
  • Cover:ORGANISED SCUM – Death to the Liberal Idea (KAL00001E)
    “On their new offering Organised Scum maintain most of those principles found in their previous release, the intelligent brattiness and the bright enthusiasm of a talented band on the rise, however, they seem to have kicked their artistry up a notch, demonstrating a wider range of skill and competence.” (Destroy/Exist)
  • Cover:ORGANISED SCUM – Insane Making Behaviour/Who’s the Prick? (KAL00003S)
    “An enigma of sorts thus far, we’ve fallen for Organised Scum’s slovenly but delectable slices of Britpop redux… [They] return with ‘Insane Making Behaviour’ … premiering here at Best Fit.” (The Line of Best Fit)
  • Cover:SHIELDS – How Can We Fix This? (KAL00001A)
    “How Can We Fix This? joins the dots between iconic British art-pop – Prefab Sprout, Maximo Park, Clor – and the complex electro-pop of Wild Beasts and Everything Everything. Trebly guitar, multilayered backing vocals, bassy propulsion, shimmering synths: Shields take them all to arrive at something both profound and beautiful.” (Sunday Times)
  • Cover:SHIELDS – Alive (KAL00002S)
    “The video follows a psychopathic man who beats, stabs, and chokes his unsuspecting victims while traversing the countryside in an RV. If that doesn’t sound like your idea of fun, don’t worry; there are aerobics and disco parties involved for anyone who comes along.” (Consequence of Sound)
  • Cover:SHIELDS – Face to Face (KAL00001S)
    “[W]here Everything Everything are sometimes prone to drowning under the weight of their art, you also get a sense, from the evidence heard within Face To Face at least, that Shields are not afraid to surface for a bit of air when the pop pool becomes too murky.” (Sonic Breakfast)